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Georg Schauer

Organization: Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience


Otfried-Müller-Str. 25
72076 Tübingen

Phone number: +49 7071 29 89031

Department: CIN Vision and Cognition

Position: PhD Student

Field of Research

Recently, much neuroimaging research on consciousness has come under scrutiny. Especially fMRI studies on binocular rivalry have come under attack for possibly conflating the neural correlates of consciousness with those of motor report and metacognition. By use of no-report rivalry paradigms as well as newly developed invisible rivalry, we aim to untangle these correlates and thereby uncover the neural basis of visual consciousness.


We use fMRI in order to discern brain areas associated with visual consciousness. However, these simple associations do not themselves allow for causal inferences as to the role of these ares. In order to make these, we interfere with their normal function by use of neuronavigated TMS. We also make use of state-of-the-art combined fMRI-TMS to probe directly how TMS affects not just consciousness, but brain function. Also we experiment with combined TMS-EEG.


Consciousness, neural correlates of consciousness, bistable perception, binocular rivalry, neuroimaging, neurostimulation, philosophy of mind & cognition


Schauer, G., Kanai, R., & Brascamp, J. W. (2016). Parietal theta burst TMS: Functional fractionation observed during bistable perception not evident in attention tasks. Consciousness and Cognition, 40, 105-115.