October 2013

PONS PhD student Gregor Hochstetter's paper on 'Attention and Bodily Awareness' accepted for MindGrad 2013. Congratulations Gregor!

PONS and colleagues in Tübingen and Porto Philosophy Departments win DAAD grant (Peters, Wong, Miguens, Riccardi, "Rationalität, Selbsterkenntnis und menschliches Handeln - kognitionswissenschaftliche Herausforderungen, philosophische Perspektiven", DAAD Programm Hochschuldialog mit Südeuropa) for collaborations between philosophers and neuroscientists in Tübingen and Porto!

Dr. Katia Samoilova (PhD Brown) joins PONS on Sense of Agency Project (CIN 2012-17) from October 2013. Welcome Katia!

Dr. Chiara Brozzo (PhD Milan) joins PONS on a Teach@Tuebingen Postdoc funded by the DFG'S Excellence Initiative from October 2013. Congratulations Chiara and welcome!

August 2013

PONS Postdoc Liz Irvine appointed to Permanent Lectureship in Philosophy at Cardiff University. Congratulations Liz!

2 year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the Philosophy of Mind/ Psychology/ Neuroscience (September 15, 2013 start) available at PONS!

July 2013

PONS presents at ESPP 2013 in Granda, 9-12 July

June 2013

Alex Morgan (ABD Rutgers) joins PONS on Sense of Agency Project (CIN 2012-17) from June 15, 2013.

March 2013

Wong elected to the Executive Committee of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology.

February 2013

2 year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the Philosophy of Action (Feb 2013 start) available at PONS!

November 2012

2 year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the Philosophy of Action (Feb 2013 start) available at PONS! Deadline: December 7 Johnnes Roessler (Warwick) visits PONS, November 7 

October 2012

PONS awarded a 2 year intramural grant (70,000€) for an interdisciplinary project on the sense of agency with Axel Lindner's Neurobiology of Decision lab (Hertie) on "Sensory Attenuation and Agency Attribution in Voluntary vs. Involuntary Actions" (awarded October 2012, Jan 2013 project start)

September 2012

Irvine published monograph Consciousness as a Scientific Concept: A Philosophy of Science Perspective in Spinger's Studies in Brain and Mind series (in print January 2013). Congratulations Liz!

August 2012

PONS presents at ESPP 2012 in London, August 28-31.

July 2012

Wong wins the Multimodality of Perception Essay Prize at the Centre for Philosophical Psychology, University of Antwerp, with an essay on the multimodal character of body perception PONS hosts workshop on Explaining Mental Phenomena, July 24.

Carl Craver (Washington University, St. Louis) talk, July 18.

Brian McLaughlin (Rutgers), Achim Stephan (Osnabrück), and Ken Aizawa (Louisiana) visit PONS; Workshop ‘Explaining Mental Phenomena’, July 24.

Bruce Bridgeman (Santa Cruz) talk, July 3.

June 2012

Dennis Proffitt (Virginia) talk, June 8.

Matt Longo (Birkbeck) visits body perception project, June 11-14.

Liz organizes the 2-day workshop: "Should a Science of Cognition use First-Person Methods?"

May 2012

Thor Grünbaum (Copenhagen) talk, May 29.

Mohan Matthen (Toronto) visits PONS,  May 31 - June.

April 2012

Ferdinand joins PONS - he is writing his PhD on philosophical issues in spatial cognition! Welcome Ferdinand!

Liz gets her book manuscript accepted for Springer's Studies in Brain and Mind series! Wow!

Gregor gets a PhD scholarship from the German Economic Foundation! Congratulations Gregor!

Hong Yu gets Mind Association conference grant for knowledge of action conference.

March 2012

PONS gets new event website:

January 2012

Catherine Stinson (ADB Pittsburg) joins CIN Philosophy of Neuroscience Group from January 1, 2012. Welcome Catherine!

Dr. Ivine's paper "Old problems with new measures in the science of consciousness" has been accepted by the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. 

November 2011

Wong and Irvine are commissioned to write the article on emergence forPhilosophy Compass.

Eva Engels joins PONS as a research assistant. Welcome Eva!

October 2011

Wong awarded 15,000€ grant with Natalie Sebanz (CEU CognitiveScience/Donders) for a summer school on the self from the perspectivesof philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and anthropologyat the CEU Summer University 2012 ("Problems of the Self"). The summercourse will run from June 25-July 5, 2012 at the CEU in Budapest. Thefaculty for the course are: Chris Peacocke (Philosophy, ColumbiaUniversity), Beatrice Longuenesse (Philosophy, New York University),Paul Snowdon (Philosophy, UCL), Manos Tsakiris (Psychology, RoyalHolloway), György Gergely (Cognitive Development Centre, CEU),Phillipe Rochat (Psychology, Emory University), Peter Callero(Sociology, Western Oregon University), Günther Knoblich (CEUCognitive Science/Donders), along with Natalie and Hong Yu.

Dr Liz Irvine (PhD Edinburgh) joins CIN Philosophy of NeuroscienceGroup from October 15, 2011. Welcome Liz!

September 2011

CIN Philosophy of Neuroscience Group awarded a 2 year intramural grant(66,744€ ) for an interdisciplinary project on visual embodiment withMPI Biological Cybenetics Perception and Action in VirtualEnvironments Group (PIs: Linkenauger, Mohler, Wong, Buelthoff).

June 2011

PONS wins the University of London Institute of Philosophy's 2012epistemology conference grant competition for a 2-day conference onagents' knowledge jointly with Dr Adrian Haddock (Stirling), Dr DavidHunter (Ryerson), and Dr Johannes Roessler (Warwick). The conferencewill take place at Senate House, University of London on June 7-8,2012. Speakers include: Barry Stroud (UC Berkeley), M. G. F. Martin(UCL), Patrick Haggard (UCL), and A. J. Marcel (Hertfordshire/MRC).