Press Release: ERC Consolidator Grant for CIN Member Prof. Dr. Markus Siegel

from: 2019, 11 Dec - 00:00

Prof. Dr. Markus Siegel from the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN) and the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research (HIH) received an ERC Consolidator Grant for his project "Neuronal Information through Neuronal Interactions". He will combine electrophysiological and analytical techniques in order to investigate the development of sensory, cognitive, and motoric information in the brain and the interactions between different nerve cells.

Press release can be found here

  • Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience
  • Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research
Reseach Group: Large-Scale Neuronal Interactions
Contact: Prof. Dr. Markus Siegel