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The Games of the Brain: Adventures in Philosophy and Neuroscience

We are pleased to announce a lecture and seminar series on Philosophy and Neuroscience at the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience, Tübingen. The series is titled "The Games of the Brain: Adventures in Philosophy and Neuroscience" and is run by Kirsten Volz, Group Leader in the Neural Basis of Intuition at the CIN, Hong Yu Wong, Group Leader in the Philosophy of Neuroscience at the CIN, Sabine Döring, Professor of Practical Philosophy at Universität Tübingen, and Axel Lindner, Group Leader of the Neurobiology of Decision Lab, Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research.

The series had its debut in 2011 with a lecture on Heuristic Decision Making by Gerd Gigerenzer, and has since grown from a lecture to a full-blown workshop/seminar series.

Short lecture announcements from the early time of "Games of the Brain" have been collated in one place.

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