Lecture: Prof. Claus Hilgetag (Hamburg): Linking Long-Range Connections and Local Architecture of the Cerebral Cortex

from: 2015, 07 Oct - 11:30 to: 2015, 07 Oct - 12:30

Linking long-range connections and local architecture of the cerebral cortexThe nerve fibre projections that connect different areas of the cortical sheet constitute a complex structural network for neural communication in the brain. How is the organization of this cortical connectome related to other features of brain architecture?  We addressed the question by systematically investigating the relation of structural parameters of cortical areas, such as their distance, similarity in cortical cytoarchitecture as described by cortical lamination or neuronal density, as well as similarity of cortical thickness, to essential features of long-range cortico-cortical connections, such as their presence or absence as well as patterns of laminar projection origins and terminations.Across different species (primate, cat, mouse) and different cortical lobes, the essential features of cortico-cortical connections varied consistently and strongly with the cytoarchitectonic similarity of cortical areas. By contrast, such relations were not found consistently for distance or similarity of cortical thickness. As gradients in cortical cytoarchitecture also determine the specific organisation of the local micro-circuits of different areas, our findings illuminate general principles of neural wiring, linking the organization of long-range connections to intrinsic circuits of the cerebral cortex.

Prof. Hilgetag is the director of the Department of Computational Neuroscience at the Medical Center Eppendorf of the University of Hamburg.  His lab attempts to understand the global organization of structural and functional connectivity of the mammalian cerebral cortex using multivariate and computational analyses of databases of qualitative as well as quantitative connection data.

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Location: Max Planck House lecture hall
  • Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
  • Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience
Reseach Group: Functional and Comparative Neuroanatomy
Contact: Dr. Henry Evrard