Conference: Colour in Mind – From Perception to Art
Interdisciplinary Colour Conference

from: 2016, 21 Sep - 19:00 to: 2016, 23 Sep - 18:30

The international conference Colour in Mind - From Perception to Art will take place from 21.-23. of September 2016 in Tübingen (Germany). It is hosted by the Institute for Ophthalmic Research and the Institute of Media Studies of the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen together with the German Colour Association (Deutsches Farbenzentrum e.V.) and the Hector Fellow Academy.   

The aim of the conference is to showcase the multiple and diverse aspects of the topic „Colour“ from various perspectives. One focus covers colour perception and its neuronal foundation in humans as well as animals, and the representation of colour in the brain, including cognition and the development of colour preferences. The second focus addresses colour in movies, art and technology as well as design and will illustrate outstanding examples of artistic use and communicative expression through colour.  

Furthermore, new developments and technical innovations on the field of colour and light will be presented, while practical workshops and art exhibitions thematically complement the talks, giving participants the chance to dive even deeper into the complex world of colour. Internationally renowned speakers will introduce the main topics of the conference. In addition, young researchers will be promoted during in the Tuebingen Summerschool „Colouring the Future“ (more information about the Summerschool is coming soon). Conference languages are english and german.      

Karl Gegenfurtner (University of Gießen, Germany)    
Mechanisms of Color Perception: from Cones to Cognition via Constancy

Almut Kelber (Lund University, Sweden)    
Animal Colour Vision in Dim Light

Anna Franklin (University of Sussex, UK)    
Origins of Colour Preferences

Kirsten Thompson (University of Wellington, New Zealand)    
Disney Animation and the Wonderful World of Colour

Anya Hurlbert (University of Newcastle, UK)   
The Colour of Paintings in a Contemporary Light  

The conference starts right after the colour symposium „Seeing colours“ in Regensburg (, so why not combine both and have a double colour experience!  

Looking forward to seeing you in Tuebingen!
Annette Werner, Susanne Marschall (University of Tübingen), Axel Büther (Deutsches Farbenzentrum), Eberhart Zrenner, Peter Hegemann (Hector Fellow Academy) (organisers)





















For further questions or information, please contact the organisational team.

Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neurosciences
Hector Fellow Academy
RAL Farben

Location: Various Venues, University of Tübingen
  • University of Tübingen
Contact: Dr. Annette Werner