BAW Seminar: Get Set for Success - Understanding the Implicit Rules in Science and Business

from: 2015, 11 Dec - 09:00 to: 2015, 11 Dec - 17:00

BAW Seminar: Get Set for Success - Understanding the Implicit Rules in Science and Business

Lectures with exercises led by Isabel Nitzsch
The business world has formal and informal, unwritten rules and norms. Many of the latter go back to implicit and unconscious agreements based on specific sets of values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. In today’s world of science and business, men and the rules of male culture still predominate. While men have unconsciously started to act according to these rules since they were little boys, well educated women are often unaware that they are entering new territories when it comes to position themselves in hierarchies. Women often ignore the implicit rules. And even if they are familiar with the rules, they often do not know how to deal with them authentically. This seminar focus on how women position themselves to get their point across and to be successful.

This course is especially tailored to the needs of female scientists. Please state your position in the CIN.

Please register for the course via e-mail. Deadline: 3 December 2015.

Isabel Nitzsche works as a journalist, author and coach. Having graduated in journalism and German literature, she started her career as author for a TV magazine and editor for a talk show. Today, she is chief editor of "Wirtschaftspsychologie aktuell", a magazine for business psychologists. She gives trainings for companies and non profit organizations and coaches female experts and leaders. Isabel Nitzsche's focus areas are networking, self marketing, conflict management, informal job rules and media training. She is the author of seven books focusing on job and career-related topics. One of her best selling books, "Spielregeln im Job" (Understanding Implicit Job Rules), focuses on women's professional behaviour and career development. It has been translated into Polish, Czech, Turkish and Korean.

Location: Seminarraum Röntgenweg 11, 72074 Tübingen
  • Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience