BAW Seminar: Leadership

from: 2011, 08 Jul - 16:28 to: 2011, 09 Jul - 17:00

Leadership is an essential and important quality. The focus is on questions how to get your team fired up and willing to follow you. Leadership is a skill that can be learned, but doesn't mean the leader is standing back and telling others what to do . It is not belittling or demeaning others who don't do what you tell them to do.  Leadership is a skill that must be improved with practice. As a leader you have to accept the task of leading. You have to keep your own position, to discuss with colleagues, to find solutions – accepted by both sides. Leading people means learning  to work with people of different functional backgrounds, multiple types of organizations and conflicting groups to achieve your goals.

Target group: Group leaders and Post Docs affiliated with the CIN.

Course content:

  • Understand and develop your capacity to exercise leadership responsibly
  • develop your self-awareness
  • identify your strengths
  • learn how to lead teams through
  • how to create trust and respect among your co-workers?
  • help your team to establish team spirit
  • learn how and why people act “that way”
  • deal more effectively with each other
  • solve conflicts
  • improve your communication skills
  • do interviews with employees


  • process-orientated work style instead of lecture
  • problems and issues of the seminar participants are the focus
  • role playing
  • feedback

Trainer: Stephanie Uhlig, journalist (TV), trainer & personal coach

Day, time & location: July  8th & 9th, retraining Sept 24th 2011; 9am to 5pm

Location: Graduate Training Centre, Seminar room 3
  • Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience