1st NIPS-CIN Joint Symposium

from: 2012, 25 Feb - 09:00 to: 2015, 25 Feb - 18:00


9:00 Welcome note

Yasunobu Okada (NIPS, Director)

9:10 Introduction of NIPS

Tadashi Isa (NIPS)

9:20 Introduction of Tübingen neuroscience

Peter Thier (CIN)


Session I (chair: Norihiro Sadato (NIPS))

9:30 Studying the human somatosensory and motor system using magnetoencephalography

Christoph Braun (CIN)

9:55 The painful and itchy brain

Ryusuke Kakigi (NIPS)

10:20 Coffee Break


Session II (chair: Tadashi Isa (NIPS))

10:35 Neuronal mechanisms underlying vocal communication in monkeys

Steffen Hage (CIN)

11:00 "Stay tuned" - inter-individual neural synchronization during mutual gaze and joint attention

Norihiro Sadato

11:25 Oscillatory cortical networks during perceptual decision-making

Markus Siegel (CIN)

11:50 Neural selectivity and representation of gloss in the macaque inferior temporal cortex

Hidehiko Komatsu (NIPS)


12:15 Lunch & Poster Session (at Room B)


Session III (chair: Hidehiko Komatsu (NIPS))

14:15 Using microstimulation evoked fMRI to study pathways in the monkey brain

Fahad Sultan (CIN)

14:40 Visual attention, mirror neurons or inferential principles in vision

Peter Thier (CIN)

15:05 Neuronal mechanisms of blindsight

Tadashi Isa (NIPS)

15:30 Mechanisms for generating and compensating for the smallest possible saccades: Lessons learned

Ziad Hafed (CIN)


15:55 Coffee Break


Session IV (chair: Tadashi Isa (NIPS))

16:10 Cortico-basal ganglia loop and movement disorders

Atsushi Nambu (NIPS)

16:35 Perception in the rat's vibrissal system

Cornelius Schwarz (CIN)

17:00 Characterization and adaptive optical correction of aberrations during in vivo imaging in the mouse cortex

Takashi Sato (CIN)

17:30 Remodeling of cortical synapses in vivo

Junnichi Nabekura (NIPS)

17:55 Concluding remark

Keiji Imoto (NIPS Vice Director)


18:30 Welcome Dinner (at Ishiki-ya)

Location: Okazaki Conference Center
  • Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience