Conference: International Symposium "New Perspectives in Integrative Neuroscience" (Day 1)

from: 2016, 30 Sep - 09:00 to: 2016, 30 Sep - 18:30

From Fri 30 Sept - Sat 01 Oct 2016, the CIN will host an international symposium on "New Perspectives in Integrative Neuroscience”. We will be hosting speakers who stand for groundbreaking research in their specific field of interest, and who may be of particular interest for the Tübingen neuroscience community.

Find the conference programme attached, as well as below:

Friday, September 30th

9:00 Registration open for arrivals

9:50 Welcome Address

10:00 Patrick Haggard, London:
"New Perspectives on Volition and Agency"

10:40 Cristina Becchio, Turin:
“Getting a Grip on Others’ Intentions: The Role of Movement Kinematics“

11:20–11:50 – Coffee Break –

11:50 Betty Mohler, Tübingen:
“Importance of Avatars for Virtual Reality“

12:30 Kristina Simonyan, New York:
“Functional Connectome of Speech Control“

13:10–14:10 – Lunch Break –

14:10 Daniela Vallentin, New York:
“Inhibition Protects Learned Song Segments in Zebra Finches“

14:50 Dina Lipkind, New York:
“Sensorimotor Vocal Learning in Songbirds and Human Infants“

15:30–16:00 – Coffee Break –

16:00 Suzana Herculano-Houzel, Nashville:
“Brain Diversity in Evolution: What Changes, What Doesn’t, and What Does It Matter“

16:40 Manfred Schedlowski, Essen:
“Behaviorally Conditioned Immune Responses: Pavlov and Beyond“

17:20–17:50 – Coffee Break –

17:50 Asya Rolls, Haifa:
“It Takes a Brain to Control Immunity“

19:00 – Reception at Schloss Hohentübingen –

Saturday, October 1st

10:00 Scott Sternson, Ashburn:
“Systems and Molecular Neuroscience of Hunger“

10:40 Jessica Payne, Notre Dame:
“Stress Hormones, Sleep, and Emotional Memory Consolidation“

11:20–11:50 – Coffee Break –

11:50 Roger Adan, Utrecht:
“Addressing Roles of VTA Dopamine Neurons in Motivation for Food Using Chemogenetics and Fiber Photometry“

12:30 Erika Sasaki, Kawasaki:
“Genetic Modification of Non-Human Primate Embryo for Generating Disease Models“

13:10–14:10 – Lunch Break

14:10 Kathleen Cullen, Montreal:
“Internal Models of Voluntary Self-Motion in the Primate Cerebellum: Implications for Perception and Action“

14:50 Nicole Rust, Philadelphia:
“The Superposition of Object-Based and Rule-Based Representations in Infero-temporal (IT) Cortex“

15:30–16:00 – Coffee Break –

16:00 Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Cambridge:
“Deep Neural Networks: A New Framework for Modelling Biological Vision and Brain Information Processing“

16:40 Etienne Burdet, London:
“Sensorimotor Interaction in Humans“

17:20–17:50 – Coffee Break –

17:50 Petra Ritter, Berlin:
“Bridging Multiple Scales in the Human Brain Using Personalised Computational Modelling“

20:00 Conference Dinner

If you wish to participate in the symposium, there is no fee, but we kindly ask you to register with Paul Töbelmann. Please give your name, title, and affiliation.

Registration deadline is September 15th, 2016.

Location: Lecture Hall, Institute of Virology and Microbiology, Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 6, Tübingen
  • Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience