Lecture: Prof. Dr. Ophelia Deroy (Munich): Sensory Correspondences and the Signature of Intuitions
Games of the Brain Talk

from: 2017, 01 Feb - 18:15 to: 2017, 01 Feb - 19:45

Prof. Dr. Ophelia Deroy (Munich):

"Sensory correspondences and the signature of intuitions"

Psychologists and philosophers have been interested in a wide variety of intuitions: Moral intuitions, intuitive or naive knowledge about the natural world, linguistic and logical intuitions - which people from the same culture, or even across the globe, happen to share. In this talk, i will focus on a new kind of intuitions, which has been studied under a variety of labels, whereby people agree on apparently arbitrary matches between sensory elements, such as brightness and pitch, words and shapes, colours and tastes, etc. (see Deroy & Spence, 2016 ; Spence, 2011 for reviews).
In this talk, I will discuss the status of these intuitions, and argue that they oblige us to refine the generally accepted equivalence between intuitions and system 1 processes. I propose to focus on the distinctive feelings of arbitrariness and confidence that these intuitions present themselves with instead, and suggest to link this signature of intuitions to their incapacity to fit with the conceptual and rational constraints that usually bear on reflective justifications

Location: Raum X, Bursagasse 1, Tübingen
  • Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience
Reseach Group: Philosophy of Neuroscience
Contact: Prof. Dr. Hong Yu Wong