CIN Workshops: Games of the Brain - Perception and Reasoning with Susanna Siegel

from: 2015, 26 Mar - 10:00 to: 2015, 27 Mar - 19:30

March 26th-27th 2015 | Burse, Raum X (Bursagasse 1, 72070 Tübingen)

The Philosophy of Neuroscience Group (CIN) cordially invites you to attend the Workshop on Perception and Reasoning with Susanna Siegel on 26-27 March, 2015. The workshop will take place at the Burse, Raum X. There will be presentations on Susanna Siegel's work throughout both days, while Paul Snowdon and Susanna Siegel will give a keynote lecture at the end of each day (18.00).

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Day 1 (Thursday 26th  March)
10am    Keith Wilson (Glasgow), “Do visual experiences have contents?”
11am    Ivan Ivanov (Warwick), “From property-awareness to representation”
12-2pm  Lunch
2pm    Michael Madary (Mainz), “Anticipation and variation in visual content”
3pm    Elvira Di Bona (Berlin and Turin), “Timbre as a high-level property of auditory perception”
4-4:30pm  Break
4:30pm  Gregor Hochstetter (CIN), “Perceiving affordances”
6pm     Keynote Lecture: Paul Snowdon, “Perception and Content”
8pm    Dinner

Day 2 (Friday 27th  March)
10am    Zoe Jenkin (Harvard), “The epistemic costs and benefits of perceptual learning”
11am    Katia Samoilova (CIN), “Is cognitive penetration ever good?”
12-2pm  Lunch
2pm    Cat Wade (Edinburgh), “Predictive coding, epistemic downgrade and accessing the world”
3pm    Chelsea Richardson (UNL), “Understanding the role of cognitive penetration in social justice”
4-4:30pm  Break
4:30pm  Laura Perez (Harvard), “Social features and visual phenomenology”
6pm     Keynote Lecture: Susanna Siegel, “Evaluative Perception”
8pm    Dinner

Location: Burse, Raum X (Bursagasse 1, 72070 Tübingen)
  • Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience