CIN Workshops: Games of the Brain - Naturalizing Agency

from: 2014, 13 Dec - 09:30 to: 2014, 13 Dec - 18:30

In recent years action theory has undergone a rapid development. Philosophers have begun naturalising action by connecting work in philosophy of action with research in neuroscience and psychology, in particular with motor cognition. This workshop brings together four leading figures of the debate to discuss their most recent work - Stephen Butterfill (Warwick), Corrado Sinigaglia (Milan), Wayne Wu (Carnegie Mellon), and Hong Yu Wong (Tübingen). The workshop focusses on topics such as joint actions, intentions in action and motor representations, the role of perception and attention for action, and bodily awareness.


  • 9.30 - 10.45 Hong Yu Wong (CIN): "Agency as a Motor Capacity"
  • 11.15 - 12.30 Wayne Wu (Carnegie Mellon): "Intention and Action: causation, knowledge, phenomenology"
  • Lunch
  • 2.00 - 3.15 Alex D. Morgan (CIN): "Constancies: Towards an Integrated Perspective"
  • 3.30 - 4.45 Corrado Sinigaglia (Milan): "On a Puzzle about Relations between Thought, Experience and the Motoric"
  • 5.15 - 6.30 Stephen Butterfill (Warwick): "Naturalising Joint Actions"


Everyone interested in the topic is welcome. For further information please write an e-mail.

Location: Hörsaal Forum Scientiarum (Doblerstr. 33, 72074 Tübingen)
  • Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience