German-Japanese workshop exploring New Directions in Systems Neuroscience

from: 2019, 01 Mar - 00:00 to: 2019, 01 Mar - 00:00

The CIN participated in a German-Japanese workshop in Tuebingen, exploring New Directions in Systems Neuroscience.

The workshop was organized in coordination with the German DFG and the Japanese AMED funding agencies, with a purpose to bring together systems neuroscientists from the two countries. The overall goal was to identify shared interests for future formal collaborations.


Prof. Z. Hafed’s lab has a history of collaborations with our Japanese colleagues, and we look forward to more such collaborations.

  • Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience
Reseach Group: Physiology of Active Vision (Alumni)
Contact: Prof. Dr. Ziad Hafed