Summer School: Colouring the Future

from: 2016, 22 Sep - 08:30 to: 2016, 23 Sep - 19:00

Colour is an outstanding feature of our visual world, and serves multiple purposes, ranging from the simple enhancement of image contrast, to object detection and recognition, communication, signalling and navigation.

The aim of the international Summerschool „Colouring the Future“ is to introduce the participants to the diverse aspects of the topic „Colour“. The Summerschool will focus 1) on human colour perception, and its neuronal foundations in the brain, including the cognitive influences and the development of colour preferences; 2) the representation of colour in the visual systems of animals; and 3) on applied aspects of colour, such as the impact of colour in the modern media (movies, animations, webdesign), illustrating outstanding examples of the artistic use and communicative expression through colour.

Participants will also take part in the conference „Colour in Mind“ and attend the conference keynotes and expert talks addressing the main topics of the Summerschool. This will offer the opportunity „to mingle“ and get in contact with senior researchers and other professionals working in applied colour science.  

The Summerschool addresses primarily young academics (PhDs, Postdocs, graduate students) working in the field of neuroscience, medicine, informatics, media sciences or any other research area related to colour. PhD students and Postdocs are encouraged to present their own work in a talk (15 min) or poster, together with invited talks from international guests (please see conference website). For application and further information see Talks and Posters below.  

The Summerschool is hosted by the University of Tübingen and will take place in the „Alte Physik“, which is a building next to the main conference hall („Kupferbau“).  

The Summerschool is organized into four panels, each addressing one of the follwing topics:

  1. Colour perception and ist neural foundations
  2. Colour preferences and trends: origins and models
  3. The biological significance of colour: animal colour vision and communication
  4. Presentation and effects of colour in art, film and animation

Each panel will start with a brief introduction to the topic by a senior scientist, followed by two invited talks and two talks from young researchers (for application see Talks and Posters). In addition, posters will be presented in the main conference hall.  

Registration deadline: September 15th, 2016
Abstracts deadline: September 1st, 2016

For the full programme and registration details, please download the file attached below.






















For further

questions or information, please contact the organisational team.






Location: University of Tuebingen, Alte Physik and "Kupferbau" Lecture Halls Centre
  • University of Tübingen