METIS Project

The BAW (Board for the Advancement of Women) is currently implementing the METIS project (Mentoring & Training in Science). The aim of the program is to support female scientists in their carreers. In addition to the mentoring scheme (one-to-one Mentoring), METIS offers a variety of high-quality workshops. The range of workshops includes career-related topics. Regular Networking is also contained. If you want to accelerate your career and to take part in the program  contact: (Dr. A. Werner and Dr. A.  Maier)

We offer:

One-to-one Mentoring with highly qualified female and male scientists

Networking: Regular Colloquia with Mentors and Mentees

Training: High-quality workshops to train key competences like: Self presentation – Networking – Communication – Leadership – Writing grant applications etc.

Participation in the workshops will be guaranteed for METIS members. It will also earn you a certification and points (1,5 ETCs per Seminar). There is no charge, and medical PHD students are also welcome

Have a look at past and upcoming METIS seminars here.