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Prof. Dr. Sabine Döring

Organization: University of Tübingen


Bursagasse 1
72070 Tübingen

Phone number: +49 (0)7071 29 74345

Department: Philosophical Seminar

Area: CIN Staff, Steering Committee

Scientific topic: Practical philosophy

Field of Research

My main research areas are (meta-)ethics and the theory of practical reason, with an emphasis on emotion and the question of what role the emotions have to play in the theory of value. Starting on from this, I am currently concerned with perception and intuition in ethics, and with (diachronic) agency. Most important for the CIN is the interdisciplinary project "Was it me? The neurocognitive and philosophical basis of agency". This project aims at developing an integrative unified framework of the attribution of an action to one’s own agency, that is, of the self-attribution of agency (as opposed to agency attribution to an external agent). By combining accounts from cognitive neuroscience and philosophy, we conceptualize and interconnect different strategies of attributing an action to one’s own agency. We substantiate these strategies and the overall framework experimentally.


Conceptual analysis


cognitive neuroscience; emotions; neuro-philosophy; thinking and reasoning

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