CIN Members

In 2007, the CIN started with 25 principal investigators as cluster applicants, as stipulated in the DFG call for bids. When the CIN cluster was approved further  scientists from a range of institutions were incorporated, to make up the 48 'founding members' of the CIN. Since the beginning of 2014 the CIN has consisted of over 80 scientists in total. The membership process involves an application to the steering committee in which the candidate outlines his or her scientific profile and submits a list of publications. The committee's decision is based purely on the scientific excellence of each candidate.

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CIN Members

Thomas Münch

Organization: Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience


Otfried-Müller-Str. 25
72076 Tübingen

Phone number: +49 7071 29 89182

Department: CIN Retinal Circuits and Optogenetics

Position: Head of Research Group

Area: CIN Members

Scientific topic: Retinal Circuits and Optogenetics

Field of Research

We study the structure and function of retinal circuits in the healthy retina. We are interested in aspects of retinal function spanning all level, from the role of individual molecular signalling components, to the global control of retinal function by adaptation mechanisms. We apply our knowledge of normal retinal function to the treatment of retinal degeneration, by using optogenetic tools to restore retinal function after photoreceptor cell death.


Single-cell patch clamp recordings, multi-electrode array electrophysiology, and 2-photon imaging of retinal tissue in-vitro; behavioral studies; optogenetics


behavioural neuroscience; computational neuroscience; degeneration / regeneration; neuro-physiology; neuro-prosthetics; visual system; retina

  1. Münch TA, da Silveira RA, Siegert S, Viney TJ, Awatramani GB, Roska B (2009). Approach sensitivity in the retina processed by a multifunctional neural circuit. Nat Neurosci. 12(10):1308-16.
  2. Lagali PS, Balya D, Awatramani GB, Münch TA, Kim DS, Busskamp V, Cepko CL, Roska B (2008). Light-activated channels targeted to ON bipolar cells restore visual function in retinal degeneration. Nat Neurosci. 11(6):667-75.
  3. Fried SI, Münch TA, Werblin FS (2002). Mechanisms and circuitry underlying directional selectivity in the retina. Nature. 420(6914):411-4.