Workshop: The Unity of Perception

from: 2016, 04 Jul - 09:30 to: 2016, 05 Jul - 17:00

This workshop will focus on topics in the philosophy of perception and is structured around discussion of Susanna's Schellenberg's work. On the first day there will be a workshop on different facets of perception featuring Prof. Schellenberg and other speakers. On the second day there will be a discussion of chapters from Prof. Schellenberg’s manuscript The Unity of Perception (forthcoming). Susanna Schellenberg is Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. This workshop is made possible by the Humboldt Foundation through a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award to Prof. Schellenberg.

Forum Scientiarum
Doblerstraße 33
72074 Tuebingen


July 4, 2016, Monday

9.30-10.45 Susanna Schellenberg (Rutgers) – ‘Unstructured content, functions, and the nature of mental representation’

11.00-12.15 Chiara Brozzo (MPI) – 'Understanding motor actions: is this mindreading?'

12.15-13.45 LUNCH

13.45-15.00 Adrian Alsmith (Copenhagen) – ‘Agentive Self-Location'

15.00-16.15 Krisztina Orban (CIN Tuebingen) – ‘From Self-Directed Actions to Guaranteed Right Reference’

16.15-16.45 COFFEE

16.45-18.00 Thomas Sattig (Tuebingen) – ‘The Mind’s Moving Spotlight’

July 5, 2016, Tuesday

Session 1: Perceptual particularity
Reading: ‘Perceptual particularity’ PPR (2016)
Commentator: Adrian Alsmith (Copenhagen)

11.45-13.00 LUNCH

13.00-14.45 Session 2: Experience and Evidence
Reading: 'Experience and Evidence’ Mind (2013)
Commentator: Moritz Mueller (Tuebingen)

14.45-15.15 COFFEE

15.15-17.00 Session 3: Perceptual Content
Reading: ‘In Defense of Perceptual Content’ (chapter 4 of ms.)
Commentator: Robin Dennis (Tuebingen)

Commentators will kick off each session with a 10-15 critical discussion of the target reading, followed by Prof. Schellenberg responding, which will then be followed be open discussion.

REGISTRATION: Attendance at the workshop is free, but registration is required. Registered participants will be given access to the chapters of the manuscript discussed. Participants are committed to reading the chapters that will be discussed in advance. If you would like to attend the workshop, please write to with your institutional affiliation, status, and a few sentences explaining your interest in attending.

We gratefully acknowledge funding from the Humboldt Foundation through a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award to Prof. Schellenberg.

Organised by Prof. Thomas Sattig (Lehrstuhl fuer Theoretische Philosophie) and the CIN Philosophy of Neuroscience Group (PONS), University of Tuebingen

Location: Hörsaal Kinderklinik, Hoppe-Seyler-Str. 1, Tübingen
  • University of Tübingen
  • Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience
Reseach Group: Philosophy of Neuroscience
Contact: Prof. Dr. Hong Yu Wong