Conference: Neurotech 2016
Research for Vision – From Neuroscience to Neurotechnology

from: 2016, 28 Jun - 13:00 to: 2016, 28 Jun - 21:30

The symposium addresses the findings from neuroscience research for retinal and cortical processing of visual information, and builds a bridge to neurotechnological aids in blindness after retinal degeneration.

This year’s Neurotech symposium focuses on research into visual processing and its translation into technology. It will discuss the latest insights into retinal and cortical representations of visual information, into retinal degeneration and the state of technology intended for its treatment. In two panels with a total of ten talks, the symposium will show how the range from basic research to clinical research to clinical application can successfully be integrated, drawing on the expertise of CIN, NMI and corporate speakers.

The first panel concentrates on basic research, exploring what we know about the retinal and neuronal basis of vision: how is the visual signal pre-processed and encoded in the retina? Which are the channels that deliver visual information from the retina to the brain? What is the role of active gaze direction by the visuomotor system? And what mechanisms are active in retinal degeneration?

The second panel will provide an overview of the possibilities of neurotechnological solutions to these degenerative mechanisms, showing how far neurotechnology has come. The panel will feature talks on cellular therapies, two stimulation techniques (retinal and transcorneal), as well as the current state of retinal implants.

As part of the International MEA Meeting, Neurotech 2016 will conclude with that larger event’s official opening ceremony and opening lecture. The evening will close in a general get-together.


Philip Berens (CIN), Ziad M. Hafed (CIN), Thomas Euler (CIN), Matthias Bethge (CIN), Eberhart Zrenner (CIN), Ida Zündorf (Okuvision GmbH), Günther Zeck (NMI Reutlingen), Walter-G. Wrobel (Retina Implant AG), Sonja Kleinlogel (University Bern)

Evening Keynote Lecture

Andres Lozano, University of Toronto, Canada.
The evening lectures is a joint event of Tübingen Neurotech 2016 and MEA 2016

The official language of the conference will be English.


12:00  Registration

13:00 Welcome address by Hans-Peter Thier (CIN, Chairman Committee) and Alfred Stett (NMI, Deputy Managing Director)


13:15 Philipp Berens, Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN), Tübingen:
"The Functional Diversity of Mouse Retinal Ganglion Cells"

13:40 Thomas Euler, Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN), Tübingen:"Balanced excitation and inhibition decorrelates visual feature representation in the mammalian inner retina"

14:05 Ziad Hafed, Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN), Tübingen:"Sharper, stronger, faster upper visual field representation in primate superior colliculus"

14:30 Matthias Bethge, Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN), Tübingen:"Predicting where people look"

14:55 Siegfried Wahl, ZEISS Vision Science Lab, Tübingen:
"Inducing a prefered retinal locus of fixation"

15:20 Coffee break


15:50 Eberhart Zrenner, Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN), Tübingen:
"Hereditary retinal degeneration and present therapeutic strategies"

16:15 Ida Zündorf, Okuvision GmbH, Reutlingen:
"Transcorneal electrostimulation therapy"

16:40 Günther Zeck, Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen (NMI), Reutlingen:
"Technologies for high-density spatial electrical stimulation"

17:05 Walter-G. Wrobel, Retina Implant AG, Reutlingen:
"Clinical reliability of conformally coated retina implants: approaches, statistics and experiences"

17:30 Sonja Kleinlogel, University of Bern:
"Light in Sight: optogenetic designer cell-based therapy for vision recovery"

Joint Evening Event: Opening of MEA-Meeting 2016

19:00 Welcome addresses

19:30 Opening Lecture: Andres M Lozano, University of Toronto, Canada:
"Emerging Strategies in Functional Neurosurgery"

20:30 Get-Together


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Registration fees for the Tübingen Neurotech Symposium (incl. evening key-note lectures and incl. food and drinks):
Reduced price (Students, senior citizen) 20 Euro
Normal price (Academics)    40 Euro
Industry     60 Euro

You can also register at the venue for the evening key-note lectures (reduced price 10 Euro / normal price 15 Euro).

Refund Policy: Cancellation of registration must be done in writing.
Before June 15, 2016:      50% refund possible,
After June 15, 2016:         no refund possible.


Tübingen Neurotech 2016 is organized by NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute and the  Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrating Neuroscience (CIN).


Tübingen Neurotech 2016 is sponsored by Retina Implant AG and Okuvision GmbH.

Location: City Hall Reutlingen
  • Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience
  • Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMI)
Contact: Dr. Paul Töbelmann