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Prof. Dr. Christoph Braun

Organization: University Hospital Tübingen


Otfried-Müller-Str. 47
72076 Tübingen

Phone number: +49 (0)7071 29 87705

Department: Institute of Medical Psychology / MEG Center

Area: CIN Members

Scientific topic: Neuroscience of Perception

Field of Research

The focus of my research is on perception in humans using psychophysics and neuroimaging approaches. In particular, current topics are cross-modal interaction, sensory memory, decision-making and the basis of conscious perception. General principles of sensory processing are studied in an exemplary way in the somatosensory modality. Patterns of spatio-temporal brain activation and intra-cortical connectivity are derived from experiments applying magnetoencephalography and magnetic resonance imaging. A further line of research that is realized in close collaboration with several departments of the University of Tübingen (Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioural Neuroscience, Department of Neurosurgery and Department of Neuropediatrics) is related to cortical re-organisation in patients with brain damage. International cooperation exist with the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences of the University of Trento/Italy and with the BioMag Laboratory of the University of Helsinki, Finland.


cross-modal interaction; sensory processing; sensory memory; sensory decision making; motor control; intra-cortical connectivity; psychophysics; neuroimaging; magnetoencephalography; magnetic resonance imaging; cortical re-organisation; brain damage.


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