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Dr. Niels Focke

Organization: University Hospital Tübingen


Hoppe-Seyler-Str. 3
72076 Tübingen

Phone number: +49 (0)7071 29 80416

Department: Department of Neurology

Area: CIN Members

Field of Research

The focus of my group is structural and functional imaging in neurological diseases with a particular focus on epilepsy. As a neurologist I am interested in better understanding the neuro-biology of specific diseases and translating this information to better patient care and earlier diagnosis. To this end we apply several computational, post-processing methods including voxel-based morphometry, machine learning and network analysis based on MRI, MEG and HD-EEG.

In epilepsy we are interested in better defining the structural abnormalities associated with seizure generation (“epileptogenic zone”) by means of structural imaging including high-field MRI (3T and 9.4T) and post-processing. Moreover, we apply diffusion-tensor imaging to analyze how epilepsy and seizures affect the structural networks of the brain. On the functional side we use functional MRI together with high-density EEG (256 channels) and MEG to asses functional networks characteristics and spread of ictal discharges i.e. epileptic activity. This broad range of non-invasive methods provides us with comprehensive access to brain networks in humans and in-vivo. 


Structural, volumetric MRI, quantitative MRI (T2-, T2*, T1-relaxometry, MT-imaging), functional MRI (with parallel EEG-fMRI), HD-EEG, MEG, voxel-based morphometry, surface-based analysis, machine learning, graph-theory analysis, dynamic-causal modeling, source reconstruction of EEG/MEG


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Focke NK, Helms G, Pantel PM, Scheewe S, Knauth M, Bachmann CG, Ebentheuer J, Dechent P, Paulus W, Trenkwalder C. Individual voxel-based subtype prediction can differentiate progressive supranuclear palsy from idiopathic Parkinson syndrome and healthy controls. (Human Brain Mapping, 2011; 32(11):1905-1915)

Focke NK, Bonelli SB, Yogarajah M, Scott C, Symms MR, Duncan JS. Automated normalized FLAIR imaging in MRI-negative patients with refractory focal epilepsy (Epilepsia, 2009; 50(6):1484-90)

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